Music Ministry

Music Ministry

Meaningful, Uplifting, Inspiring Music to the Glory of God!

    The Music Ministry at St.John's is focused on directing all musical abilites, talents and skills to creating uplifting music every Sunday.  There are two groups that offer their own unique style and flavour to the worship services they lead.  The Senior Choir provides leadership for classical & blended style worship services, and ministers to the congregation through beautiful and inspiring choral music.  The Praise & Worship Team is focused on ministering to the congregation through a rich repertoire of beautiful, inspiring, powerful and up-lifting contemporary praise and worship style music.

    The Senior Choir rehearses Thursday afternoons at 3:00 pm, and the active choral season is from September to June, with a break after Christmas Eve. 

   The Praise & Worship Team rehearses Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm, and their active season is officially also from September to June, but the team may be invited to offer worship leadership through the summer. 


    Both the Choir and the Praise & Worship Team are volunteer based.  There is no audition.  Although requirements are minimal, experience with sing in a group and/or playing musical instruments will be beneficial.  Also, although not compulsory, reading music will be a great help in learning and mastering the music quickly and efficiently, as there is often a lot of music to be covered in a short space of time.



St.John's Monthly Concerts

     As a special outreach to the community, we offer a monthly concert on the final Wednesday of each month at 2:00pm, followed by a time of fellowship with coffee, tea and treats.  Admission is by donation (suggested: $5.00). 

    These are themed seasonal concerts featuring inspiring poetry readings & music (both sacred & secular), with some audience participation too. 

St. John's Wednesday Afternoon Concerts for Spring/Summer 2017

Wed. 25 January - "New Beginnings"

Featuring some songs by Robert Burns, celebrating Chinese New Year, and following the theme of new beginnings and making a fresh start.

Wed. 22 February - "Love: from the Romantic to the Divine"

Featuring poetry, music and songs that express love in its many varieties: from the romantic to the divine.  Remembering St. Valentine.

Wed. 29 March - "The Emerald Isle"

Featuring poetry, music and songs from Ireland, both secular and sacred.  Remembering St. Patrick.

Wed. 26 April - "The Dawn of Spring"

Featuring poetry, music and songs about Easter, new life, the return of spring, and the risen Christ.

Wed. 31 May - "A Mother's Love"

Featuring poetry, music and songs about mothers and motherhood.

Wed. 28 June - "From Vancouver to St. John's"

A musical Canadian tour featuring poetry, music and songs by Canadians across the land.