Ministers Of St. John’s Presbyterian Church, White Rock, British Columbia

God has blessed St. John's with many fine ministers:


Currently ministered to by Rev. Dr. Dale Woods (interim moderator) & 3 student ministers:

Rev. Lucas Bruder de Oliveira

Krishna Rao Durbha

Afonso Issa


Ministers in the past:

Rev. Laurie McKay (interim moderator) (2023 - 2024)

Rev. Gabriel Snyman (2022 - 2023)

Rev. Willem van der Westhuizen, Senior Minister (2004–2022)

Rev. Diane Tait-Katerberg, Associate Minister (1999–2004) 
Rev. Allen Aicken, Interim Minister (2001–2003)
Rev. John Alexander Bodkin (1988–2001)
Rev. David Robertson (1978–1987)
Rev. Dr. Frank Morley (1971–1978)
Rev. C. Calvin MacInnes (1968–1970)
Rev. Dr. Oliver Nugent, Interim Minister (1966–1968)
Rev. Edson L. Garvin (1960–1966)
Rev. John Walker (1959)
Rev. John Vass (1958)
Rev. C. Rodger Talbot (1955–1958)
Rev. Harry Green (1953–1955)
Rev. Dr. T. Bunting (1952–1953)
Rev. G. Sydney Barber (1949–1951)
Mr. Leslie (1944–1948)
Mr. Murdo Pollock, student-minister (1942–1944)
Rev. A. T. McIntosh (1938–1942)
Mr. Collins, student-minister (1935)


We have also been blessed with the following assistants to the ministers:

Rev. Jack Mills
Rev. David Cline
Rev. George Philps
Rev. Dr. Cal Doka