St. John's Music Ministry

St. John's has two music ministry groups featuring different and unique styles of church music. Both groups focus on providing musical leadership in the services, as well as minister to the congregation through musical presentations that are carefully selected in conjunction with the scripture readings and message of the day. The groups currently share responsibities by alternating Sunday-to-Sunday between the two styles of worship.

1. Music Ministry Team I

    A contemporary group featuring piano, guitars, drums and vocalists.


    Where: St. John's sanctuary

    When: 7 PM Thursdays. Breaks during summer and after Christmas.

    Requirements: no audition required. Music reading is preferred for both instrumentalists and vocalists. Some experience with contemporary church music will be beneficial.

2. Music Ministry Team II

    A classical group featuring robed singers accompanied by piano and organ.


    Where: St. John's sanctuary

    When: 3 PM Thursdays. Breaks during the summer and after Christmas.

    Requirements: no audition required. Music reading and choral experience will be beneficial.

We're eager to welcome any new members into either or both Music Ministry Team. If you have a passion for spreading God's Word of eternal love, grace and salvation through music, please feel free to talk to our music director!

 Contact: Reynhardt Crause (Music Director)


Church office phone: 604.536.9322

Please note that the Music Ministry Teams are volunteer based, and are open to amateurs and professionals alike.


St.John's Matinée Concerts

Place: St. John's Church sanctuary

Time: 2 PM

Dates: 28 February

           28 March

           25 April

           30 May

           27 June

           25 July


We're always seeking to welcome musicians and singers interested in participating in these concerts. Performers offer their talents and musical contributions on a voluntary basis, as part of an outreach to the community. If this sounds like something you'd like to participate in, please contact Reynhardt Crause:


Office phone: 604.536.9322

Come enjoy an hour of music and poetry!


Our music director, Reynhardt Crause, occasionally presents ticketed organ concerts, that sometimes feature guest performers. Check in now and then to see announcements!